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a view of Guanajuato over dark skyline, colorful buildings

Mexican Experience Mexico City

As soon as we landed in Mexico City, we had clear ideas on what we were looking forward to experiencing and we even had a local friend waiting for us.

Restaurant on an island next to the sea

A Taste of Zanzibar

Eating our way through Zanzibar was one of the best ways to acquaint ourselves with this incredible island, its warm and welcoming people, vibrant culture, and remarkable history.

Sanlucar Spain, mosaic picture with diffrent images of food, ornaments and structures

Spanish Escape Sanlucar de Barrameda Cadiz

Sanlucar de Barrameda in the province of Cadiz in south-west Spain is a fabulous Spanish seaside town, rich in history, and one that we discovered quite by chance.

Aerial view of Riga Latvia, flag in the foreground

European Baltic Journey Riga Latvia

I have a travel plan ready to go for Asia and southern parts of Europe but I never gave priority to travel in the Baltic countries until one of my Latvian friends invited me to visit Riga, Latvia

Rome view of the spanish steps and many people

European Adventure Part Deux Rome

As soon as I arrive in Rome and upon immediately exiting the train station, I’m once again treated to the wonderful views that make Roma a timeless and quintessential city.

Adam Panoramic image of the city, views of buildings around a lake

European Adventure Part Deux Amsterdam

I arrived in Amsterdam after a fairly long train ride. Upon exiting the main train station, I’m immediately treated to stunning picturesque views of the city.

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