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Rome view of the spanish steps and many people

European Adventure Part Deux Rome

As soon as I arrive in Rome and upon immediately exiting the train station, I’m once again treated to the wonderful views that make Roma a timeless and quintessential city.

Venice view of canals, buildings and boats

European Adventure Venice

As recommended by most people who visit, my first night in Venice I get lost in the city, like literally.

Roma aerial view of the city, lots of buildings, trees, and monuments

European Adventure Rome

I only had two days for Rome, and was on a mission to hit up the sights that I’ve always wanted to see within this short period of time.

Porto Venere view of seaside ligurian town buildings boats and a castle

European Adventure Porto Venere

So I arrive at Porto Venere and immediately I fall in love with it. Another beautiful seaside town with an even bigger castle and cooler looking church.

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