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Napoli Vomero aerial view, mountains and clouds in the background, buildings in the foreground

European Adventure Napoli


The final day of camp after saying my goodbyes, I boarded the ferry back to Napoli. I opted to stay on my own that night, hoping to meet up with other campers at some point who were also staying in Napoli. I’m glad I did. I ended up staying in a really nice place close to the port with a balcony view of the city center.

I was able to reconnect with my roomie Lars whom I met up with for a late dinner. We also met the next day and explored some of Napoli together. A couple of the most notable stops on our agenda was Piazza del Plebiscito, the beautiful main central forum. Also the Castel dell’Ovo, the impressive Roman Castle that sits right on the coast and is the oldest standing fortification in Naples.

Another camper who I was also fortunate to meet up with again was Enzo. He arrived in Napoli the following day for just a short while before catching his bus back to Salerno.

We met up with him at the port. He gave us a mini tour and shared some really good tips about Napoli. The best of all being Vomero. The upper and nicer part of Napoli as he put it. According to him it was a must see and I have to admit I absolutely agree. Vomero was great! Nice, clean with great views from above. Enzo walked us to where we caught the cute funicular that takes you to the top and where we said our final goodbyes before he left to catch his bus.

After exploring Vomero for a bit, we walked our way back down to the city center. I said goodbye to Lars who had to catch a flight back to Germany and I had to catch my bus to Agerola. Agerola would serve as my next home base for the rest of my time in southern Italy. I still keep in touch with Enzo till this day and our conversations are just as entertaining as they were at camp.

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