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Bremerhaven view of gothic church building

European Adventure Part Deux Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven und Cuxhaven

Once again, we head out via tram early morning to the main station and catch a train to Bremerhaven which would serve as our first stop on our North Sea adventure. The plan was to watch the famous Ebb and Tide. The North Sea is known for this special gravitational phenomenon of large sea swells that flow in and out from the shore. That was the plan but unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. It was low tide when we got there and it would be for quite some time so the Ebb and Tide was a no go.

It was also raining and very windy but this would come and go as is typical of weather in this Northern part of Germany. So knowing this was par for the course, we chose to make the best of it and have fun exploring more of these port towns.

The minute we got out of the train station, we were treated to views of a stunning Gothic Revival style church building. There were also more market stands and shops selling fresh produce and other delicious German treats. I end up popping into a Saturn which is like the German version of Best Buy because I had forgotten to pack my EU plug adapter on this trip. So pro travel tip number 5: don’t forget your EU plug adapter.

We later explored more of the port area which was full of cool looking ships, submarines and nautical style buildings. After we were done taking pictures of the port, we braved the weather and moved closer to the shore. We walked all along the shore and took more fun animated pictures. At this point, the wind had really started to pick up so we decide to retreat and head somewhere indoors. We end up finding a nice Authentic Italian Gelato spot. No better way to regroup then by enjoying some tasty Gelato with friends!

Having worked up an appetite from all our exploring, we were still quite hungry. The Gelato was just a sweet appetizer. So we made it a point to look for a spot that served authentic North Sea fare. We settled on a restaurant that prepared different types of local delicacies like a German version of fish and chips, which is what I end up ordering. The food was decent, the ambiance not so much. We noticed the crowd was older, like much older not sure why but it was.

We finished our meals and headed home to regroup once again. Luckily we caught the last bus out of town back to the train station. We had a big day planned for our last full day of adventuring so we needed to rest up.

Onward to Hannover

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