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Hannover aerial view with lots of buildings and trees

European Adventure Part Deux Hannover


The next morning we’re on the train once again and this time off to Hannover. In addition to enjoying good Gelato together, every morning we would make it a point to share in some delicious breakfast pastries or sweet treats. We would either buy them around town from different pastry shops or from food stands right inside the train station. We also joked about having this uncanny ability all throughout our trip of catching the train just right on time. “Ausfahrt links!” ☺

Our first tourist stop in Hannover was the big grandiose town hall building known as the Neuse Rathaus. At 98 meters tall it stands as one of the highest buildings in all of Hannover. It has a very unique curvature at the top of its dome that needs to be reached by a special lift elevator that only allows for a maximum of 5 people per trip.

The fabulous views of the city definitely validate the effort and patience it takes to get up there. You’re treated to a birds-eye view of many quintessential landmarks. We took our time taking many, many photos here! Some even professional looking but mostly just for fun. Yesi even pulled out the ‘fancy’ camera for this stop on our trip. We had no idea where she had been hiding this pro camera all this time but to our surprise, out it came.

After making the trip back down, we explored more of the surrounding grounds. There were plenty of beautiful green areas that provided the opportunity for more great uncanny pictures. Complete with an old school clock tower and another set of independent labyrinth style gardens.

Inside the Rathaus, there were also these miniature models that depicted how the city looked and changed throughout its history. From early medieval times when it was still part of the Holy Roman Empire till before and after WWII to its modern present-day form. It portrayed really well the awful destruction this city faced just like the previous German cities I visited. A stark visual reminder of just how destructive war can be.

I remember us fooling around so much during this part of our trip. Not only the pictures we took up top but also on the ride up in the elevator. Too much Fun! We concluded our Hannover portion by walking over to Maschsee Lake and taking some final group pictures there. This is an artificial lake that was created right in the center of the city and provides a welcome respite from the everyday hustle and bustle. A perfect spot to end our splendid Hannover experience.

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