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Lubeck view of castle like looking building

European Adventure Part Deux Lübeck

Lübeck, Travemünde und Timmendorfer Strand

On my last day in Hamburg, I decided to take a side trip to the town of Lübeck and also to check out the Baltic Sea. Travel to these areas would be mostly by train as well as by bus. It ended up being a lot more travel and time consuming than I had originally planned for. Not to mention more surprise unplanned train travel later on in the day too.

Needless to say, all this extra travel caught up with me in the end. It was definitely over-eagerness on my part to try to visit all three of these places on the same day. So that brings me to pro travel tip number 3: When traveling, try not to do too much.

Lübeck was a gorgeous little gem of a town with magnificent castle-like Gothic buildings everywhere. Just like advertised, it did not disappoint the eyes. Plenty of great picture spots! Aside from once being the medieval capital of the Hanseatic League, it’s also home to a sweet tasty confection called Marzipan. A must-try if you ever get the chance to visit!

Onward to the Baltic Sea! More specifically the beach towns of Travemünde and Timmendorfer. It was a weekday and not at the height of summer so these beach towns ended up being somewhat sleepy when I visited. Timmendorfer had a little more action on its main promenade but both were not very active.

The cooler ocean water as well as a few jellyfish probably also added to that. Still, it was nice to get away for a brief moment and enjoy some peaceful stillness, much needed in the midst of all this rushing back and forth travel. Honestly, the most action I witnessed on this portion of my trip was watching a guy jump into the freezing cold water and get stung by a jellyfish. And yes, I did warn him.

I rushed back to Hamburg that night so I could catch the last train out to Bremen which would be my next stop in Germany. The original plan I made with my friends was to all meet up at the airport and get picked up from there. That plan changed when I got a last-minute text from Demet informing me that this was no longer the plan at all and I would need to catch a train to Bremen instead.

Yesi had just arrived in Hamburg that night on a flight from Zurich. She was also texting me and now that the plan had changed, we were both left to scramble a bit at the last minute. I advised her to take the metro to the main train station and meet there so we could catch the last train out that night. I was still in the Reeperbahn about to enjoy my last mediocre meal when I got her texts so I ended up taking it to go and rushed towards the metro myself.

Not only was I worried about missing the train but I also had a concern for Yesi. First time in an unfamiliar city and not knowing anyone can be a bit nerve-racking. Thankfully, I already had some experience under my belt having arrived three days earlier or so I thought.

I arrived at the train station with enough time to buy my ticket and board the train. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I should say, the ticket machine was inexplicably not cooperating this time. Yesi had just arrived as well and we were both trying to find each other. Pressed for time, I suggested she just buy her ticket and board the train without me.

Since the ticket machine wasn’t working my plan was to just board the train and buy the ticket from my phone using the app. In hindsight that probably wasn’t the best plan. Thankfully that plan didn’t work out. I ended up not being able to find the train in time but I did end up finding Yesi or rather she found me just as I was exasperatingly asking someone “which platform is the train to Bremen?!”

After an immediate comforting embrace, we were left to ponder what to do. We were also both very hungry! All this time my mediocre Polish food was still patiently waiting to be eaten. Yesi was also starving having just gotten off the plane. At this time of night, all the food stalls were either closing or had already closed so there wasn’t much left.

After a bit of searching, she was able to get some last-minute Asian food from a very rude vendor who wouldn’t take her credit card and then just ignored her. I ended up lending her some cash but not before asking her if she was sure she still wanted it. We both laughed off this new experience of rudeness for her but one that I had already grown accustomed to from my short time in Hamburg.

Around this time, we get a text from Demet with new instructions on what to do. Turns out that really wasn’t the last train and we could still take another one. This one was a slower regional train and not a high-speed train so it would take a little longer to get there but thankfully we would still get there. More importantly, at least Yesi and I would be traveling together.

We also learned of a way to save money by buying a shared ticket called a Niedersachsen ticket. So pro travel tip number 4: If you’re traveling with a friend in Germany, get this type of ticket instead and save some cash. We finished our meals as we patiently waited for the train.

After arriving at the train station in Bremen, we finally met up with Demet and any worries we had quickly subsided. Relief, hugs, smiles, and laughter all followed. From there we jumped on the local tram and walked to Demet’s place in a suburb of Bremen which was close to the airport. We were all very happy to be reunited once again and it all worked out thanks to that malfunctioning ticket machine. Sometimes things just end up working out for the best in the end.

We stayed the night at Demet’s place as planned. A cozy, modern, sparkling clean and functional student housing dorm apartment. The apartment was also shared with Demet’s roommate and I ended up staying in his room. Sharing room space with someone I never had the pleasure of meeting before was a little unexpected but no different than the experience of staying in a Hostel. More importantly, after almost two years, we were all back together again! This would serve as home-base for our ensuing adventures in Bremen and Northern Germany.

Onward to Bremen

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