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Aerial view of Riga Latvia, flag in the foreground

European Baltic Journey Riga Latvia

Riga, Latvia

I have a travel plan ready to go for Asia and southern parts of Europe but I never gave priority to travel in the Baltic countries until one of my Latvian friends invited me to visit Riga, Latvia. That’s how I got the opportunity to travel around Latvia and Estonia. Here is my travel story, experiences and tips that I would like to share with everyone.

So, the first couple of days we stayed in Riga, Latvia. This was my first introduction to Latvian culture and food and I really enjoyed it. I savored delicious foods in a restaurant called LIDO. What made this meal extra special for me was being able to enjoy it with my friends.

We also attended ‘Freedom Fighter’s Remembrance Day’ in the Capital city of Latvia. Let me tell you, that entire night the streets looked amazing by candle light due to all the lighted candles that adorned the entire city.

This event commemorates those who died during the Latvian War of Independence in 1918-1920 and also celebrates Latvian Independence. The evening is marked by the traditional lighting of candles at Riga Castle, with similar candle-lighting ceremonies taking place in towns and villages and military cemeteries across the country. The historical center of Riga is also listed as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Here is a video I shot with fabulous views of the city of Riga…



The following day we took a road trip from Riga to Tallinn. We spotted some stunning landscapes and sights on the highway to Tallinn. The highway goes along the sea coast and through the woods, therefore the view was incredible! We briefly stopped to admire a couple of beautiful viewpoints along the way. This drive reminded me that much like life, it’s more about the actual journey than the final destination.

Here is a video of drone shots from the highway…



Onward to Tallinn

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