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a view of Guanajuato over dark skyline, colorful buildings

Mexican Experience Mexico City

Teotihuacan, Gunanajuato y Puerto Vallarta – Two months of exploring Mexico in a nut shell

Living local, exploring, meeting people and experiencing different cultures with friends.

Two months now, almost three in Mexico and the excitement is always through the roof; exciting since the very first day! As soon as we landed in Mexico City, we had clear ideas on what we were looking forward to experiencing and we even had a local friend waiting for us.

The second day we went to visit a historical site, one of the oldest here in Mexico. Located not even 1 hour away from the capital and just about 40 kilometers northeast to the ancient Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan stands the site of the famous pyramids of the Sun and Moon. The city, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, was settled as early as 400 B.C.

 Pyramids of Teotihuacan!

a picture of a pyramid, green grass, hills and blue skya picture of a pyramid, green grass, hills and blue sky

The journey continues non-stop, exploring various markets, covered in colors and new foods. The flavors and smells are strong, everything is new and whatever you feel has to be experienced and Mexico teaches you this from day one! On the way to Guanajuato, neighboring state and the most colorful of Mexico, we came across a fruit stand filled with unique and spicy new flavors.

Fried Scorpions, yum!

a picture of fried scorpions in a food market

When we arrived at our destination the expectations were fully satisfied. This city has survived 3 floods, and every single time the buildings were rebuilt over the previous ones, this explains the breathtaking views. The streets themselves are also beautifully decorated; full of colorful, vibrant ornaments.

View of Guanajuato! (Enjoy another colorful view in featured image at top of page)

view of city in day time, colorful buildings and leavescolorful town decorations, street level picture

After the first two weeks we decided to venture into a whole new experience. A volunteer project on the coast, about 8 hours from where we were and we decided to do it in the most genuine and local way possible, hitchhiking! This allowed us to enjoy the view from the back of a pickup truck, crossing mountains and plains until we reached sea level!

looking out towards the sky and road from the back of a pickup truck

The destination is Puerto Vallarta, beginning of winter in Europe and beginning of summer here, it’s October and the vibe is of August! The first evening, with the very first sunset we are “welcomed” with a typical local dance, ‘La Danza de los Voladores’. It was a truly spectacular sight to behold! Four people descend from a height of about 30 meters playing and dancing while suspended in mid-air and held only by a rope tied to their feet.

4 people dangling from ropes in the sky

And here we come to an end for now. One last gorgeous view from where we were staying and one last glimpse into our Mexican experience.

picture of a sunset on the ocean and evening sky

The adventurous, gifted photographer who has a keen eye for those picture perfect spots and calls Torino, Italy his home.

Marco Finotto is a talented photographer who enjoys capturing all of life’s most precious moments through his camera lens. You can follow more of his travel adventures on his Instagram page instagram.com/be_marcofinotto and view more of his wonderful travel pictures here www.eyeem.com/u/marcoaroundtheworld

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