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Puerto Vallarta y Punta Sayulita

Puerto VallartaI played a wedding near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and had a cool travel experience. First, the venue was picturesque. As you can see in the photos, Punta Sayulita overlooked the gorgeous Sayulita beach. Second, they have a bungalow right on the beach where you can get a massage.

The town of Sayulita itself is known for its charming, authentic atmosphere with its cobblestone streets, a variety of artisan boutiques, open-air cafes, restaurants and friendly locals. It’s also as a fun surf destination that’s suitable for all level of surfers.

Turns out, I had a few hours between sound check and the wedding, so I wandered down the path in my beach clothes. There were so many rocks, cracks and potholes in the road that one of my sandals ended up breaking as I wandered through the cute shops and eateries on the street next to the beach. I decided to just go for a massage, and the ladies next door offered to repair my sandal while I got a massage.

The masseuse was professional, and I could hear the sound of lapping waves. After the massage was over, I went next door to collect my newly repaired sandal and it looked better than ever! I shared some laughs, a fresh coconut from a nearby tree, and my broken Spanish with these kind ladies just trying to make a buck. One thing I love about travel is the random experiences and the people you meet.

The traveling saxophonist for hire who calls ‘America’s Finest City’ sunny San Diego his home.

Kevin DelMastro plays all over the world, collecting random travel stories and trying not to break his sandals. His website is www.SaxophoneMusicSanDiego.com

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